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New RFBF Website Resources

18 Aug, 2023

New Resource Pages on Issues & ERGs

By Melissa Grim

I’m excited to share new resource pages on RFBF’s website! In addition to having the videos from Dare to Overcome conferences in 2022 and 2023, we’ve just updated our About landing page and added two new ones: Issues and ERGs.

Our updated About page includes: 1) Training & Consulting (page, video), 2) Dare to Overcome ERG Conferences (page, video), 3) Positive & Global Approach (page, video), 4) Global Awards (page, video), 5) Covenantal Pluralism & Business (page, video), and 6) Research (page, video).

Our new Issues page includes topics and videos on 1) Company Positions vs Employee Beliefs (page, video), 2) Combatting Antisemitism (page, video), 3) EEOC: Best Practices (page, video), 4) SAP: AI, Faith & Ethics (page, video), 5) Ending Human Trafficking (page, video), 6) CVS has Faith Partnerships (page, video), 7) Dr. Grim & Power of Faith @Davos (page, video), 8) EEOC General Counsel on Faith@Work (page, video), and 9) Diversity makes us mission-capable (page, video)!

And, our new ERGS page includes topics and videos on 1) the high level findings from the first edition of the REDI Index (2020) (page, video), 2) Successful ERGs in 5 Companies (page, video), 3) More than “How to” (page, video), 4) Intel (most faith-friendly 2021, 2023) (page, video), 5) Google’s Inter Belief Network (page, video), 6) Texas Instruments: Bring your faith to work (page, video), 7) PayPal: How we did it (page, video), 8) Salesforce has a Faithforce (page, video), 9) DELL: Sustaining an ERG (page, video), 10) American Airlines, 20+ Years! (page, video), 11) the Business Case for Faith-Based ERGs (page, video), 12) a Description of the Movement (page, video), and 13) Faith@Work: More than ERGs (page, video).

Take a look!