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“By bringing religious diversity fully into corporate Diversity and Inclusion efforts, companies will be in a better position to more holistically address the needs of all employees.”

Michael Bodson
President and CEO

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The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation offers training and consulting services to help companies effectively address faith and belief at work. Through our executive seminars, training offerings and certification program — developed by our expert faculty in consultation with top businesses — participants will learn how to increase the bottom line through faith-and belief friendly policies and strategies.

The certification program will help companies benchmark progress towards excellence in religious inclusion. The training is built on the following three pillars:


An understanding of the laws addressing faith and belief at work and familiarity with the empirical evidence illustrating the role that religious accommodation, religious diversity, and religious inclusion play in business strategy, corporate policy, and economic growth is a critical foundation of any training on faith at work.


All training deliveries include an emphasis on skills participants can develop, such as religious literacy to help cultivate an appreciation for the religious needs and requirements of employees and customers or knowing how to identify religious discrimination and effectively address it. This section will also include best practices and tools for building, launching, and sustaining successful faith and belief-oriented initiatives, which have been compiled from the experiences from dozens of companies with experiences in addressing faith and belief at work and launching faith and belief-oriented initiatives.


Participants learn frameworks and tools that can be implemented to help them lead effectively in a world of growing religious diversity. Participants are asked to create action plans on how they will implement these tools into their work life and leadership.


In addition to training the workforce and organizational leaders, it may also be helpful to have a subject matter expert on hand to help leaders navigate specific challenges associated with establishing and sustaining successful faith and belief-oriented initiatives, including employee resource groups (ERGs).

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Studies show that the most successful businesses encourage an environment in which employees can bring their “whole self” to work. Employees need to feel comfortable, willing, and able to talk about what is most important to them. Employers benefit when they recognize and respect an employee’s religious identity, including their beliefs and practices.

In today’s increasingly competitive global business environment, companies need to draw upon the unique talent and diverse experience of every employee. Employees that feel free to bring their entire self and identify to work demonstrate higher levels of innovation, creativity, and positive working environments, directly affecting business success.

On the other hand, organizations that have environments of exclusion, intentional or not, risk excluding the next great business solution, the next great product idea, or talent retention.

As companies globalize, they’ll need employees who can relate to the daily experience of increasingly diverse customers. For billions of potential customers, including in the world’s fastest-growing economies, religious belief and practice are a part of daily life.

Having employees who understand the ways religion manifests in private and public life will help companies avoid costly missteps and develop products and services better tailored to customer needs, and an essential part of being competitive.


For questions regarding our executive seminars and training, please contact Paul Lambert.

Paul Lambert | Senior Business Fellow

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