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Global Forums & National Conferences

The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation is the premier convener of business forums and conferences focused on faith@work and religious diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as business awards and symposia on interfaith understanding, religious freedom for all, and peace. (See forum archives for previous global events.)

May 22-24, 2023: National ERG Faith@Work Conference, Dare to Overcome

Dare to Overcome 2022 (see more: link)

Authenticity & Connection Forum (see more: link)

Monthly ERG Community Calls (see more: link)

Dare to Overcome 2021 (see more: link)

Summit 2020 (see more: link)

Faith@Work ERG Conf. 2020 (see more: link)

Women’s CEO Roundtable (see more: link)

Davos: The Power of Faith (see more: link)

Bahrain Business IRF Roundtable (see more: link)

Ministerial on Religious Freedom (see more: link)

2019 Faith@Work Conf. @TI (see more: link)

Global Engagement (see more: link)