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Dare to Overcome (DTO) DC 2023!


Check out videos and photos from Dare to Overcome (DTO) USA, our 4th annual national conference for Fortune 500 faith-oriented employee resource groups (ERGs) and workplace chaplains, May 22-24, 2023. Want to learn more? Email us today!

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Welcome to DTO

PayPal: Love Heals

Equinix: Taking ERG impact to the next level

PayPaI: Nuts and bolts of faith-oriented ERGs

American Airlines: Passing the torch to the next generation

DELL: Drink from the well you dig

American Airlines: How to involve the next generation

Welcome: Dean Abela & Pres. Kilpatrick

REDI Awards

Tuesday Morning Prayer

Jeff Patton: The Road Best Travelled

RFBF Skylight

Ford: National day of prayer

Dean Abela: Superhabits of a Virtuous Human

SAP: AI What Could Possibly Go Wrong

BYU: New Generation of MBAs

ERG Leaders of the Year Awards

Naomi Kraus: Building Religious Freedom For All

AZZ & Accenture: Providing Spiritual Care Saved A Company

RFBF: The global dimensions of faith and work

American Express: Faith Based ERGs Go Global

US State Department: Faith Based ERGs and Diversity Initiatives

Dare to Overcome Award Ceremony

Overview of International & Corporate Chaplaincy Tracks

What How Why and ROI of Workplace Chaplaincy

Workplace Chaplaincy for All Faiths

How to increase demand for corporate chaplains

Intern Thank you and Prayer

Keynote: Luke McCollum

Brian Grim: Send off

Interns Sing Farewell

B-roll footage of the event