Working for workplace religious diversity, equity & inclusion


Summit: How Embracing Religious Diversity & Inclusion Strengthens Workplaces

December 3, 2020

The Religious Freedom Center of the Freedom Forum and Religious Freedom & Business Foundation hosted a summit on the challenges and opportunities facing business leaders with the increasing presence of religious beliefs in a diverse workforce.

In today’s marketplace, companies have uniquely diverse workforces and customer bases more religiously diverse than ever before. Yet 36 percent of American workers have experienced or witnessed faith-based discrimination or non-accommodation in the workplace.

Through experts from the Religious Freedom Center’s Executive Seminars & Training offerings, seminar participants will learn how religious diversity, religious inclusion and religious accommodation fit into business strategy, corporate policy and economic growth. Additionally, participants will receive information about strategies for their businesses to navigate religious freedom in the workplace and learn about the approach to developing a company-wide appreciation for employees’ faith and belief needs.

Keynote speaker:
– Stephanie Vander Zanden, Founder and CEO, The Inclusion Company and former Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Schreiber Foods

Presentations by:
– Paul Lambert, executive business consultant, Religious Freedom Center;
– Marsie Sweetland, client executive, Equinix, Inc.
– Brian Grim, president, Religious Freedom & Business Foundation (RFBF);
– Kristen Farrington, fellow, Religious Freedom Center;
– Kent Johnson, senior corporate advisor, RFBF; retired senior counsel, Texas Instruments.

This summit is made possible by generous support from: The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations and the Templeton Religion Trust.