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When a Company’s Public Positions are in Tension with Employees Beliefs

Video discussion at Dare to Overcome, May 24, 2022, Washington, DC, introducing our Guide for when a company’s public positions are in tension with employees’ beliefs.

Download –>> When a Company’s Public Positions are in Tension with Employees’ Beliefs

Also see our general Guide for Religion in the Workplace.

Introduction: The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation is unique in numerous ways, ranging from our core value of love to building religious freedom for all by expanding the space where faith is welcome in business, society and the world. We do this without being partisan. We do not take a position on current political debates.

However, especially in this age of social media and polarization, we recognize that diverse employees passionately hold a wide range of views on public policy and legislative issues. So, when a company takes a public position on a particular social cause outside the scope of normal business operations, some employees may be disappointed while others may applaud.

The matter becomes especially personal when the issue touches employees’ core faith and beliefs. In the video, RFBF experts Kent Johnson and Paul Lambert are joined by Dr. Johnny Parker to discuss the general legal landscape and then delve into proven strategies for navigating these tensions with success. Please download our practical resource on this topic above.