Working for workplace religious diversity, equity & inclusion


Religious Inclusion at Work: It’s more than just ERGs


Religious inclusion is not something you can just tick the box to accomplish by having faith and/or interfaith employee resource groups. This panel from Accenture, with testimonials from rank and file as well as HR, shows that it takes an accommodation approach that works across all departments, from recruiting to onboarding to employee engagement. This panel was part of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation’s 2021 National Faith@Work ERG Conference.


  • — SUMREEN AHMAD is Global Change Management Lead for Accenture.
  • — SHELDON MAYE is North America Diversity & Inclusion Executive; Strategy Advisor for Accenture.
  • — ELAN KOGUTT is a Strategy Consultant at Accenture |for Innovation, Public Sector, and Organizational Transformation.
  • — YVETTE MOLINA is an Employee Relations Manager at Accenture.
  • — ANYSSA CHEBBI is a Management Consultant at Accenture.