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Drink from the well you dig

17 Apr, 2023

Sustaining enthusiasm and passion in faith-oriented ERGs

DELL Technologies Interfaith plenary at Dare to Overcome (May 22-24, Washington DC) looks at a key area of sustainability for faith-based employee resource groups (ERGs): Sustaining enthusiasm and passion.

Regardless of position or role, feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion can be universal. Even though our company values religious diversity, bringing our authentic selves to work can lead to added responsibilities on top of our day-to-day tasks. This can result in burnout and a loss of perspective.

To sustain enthusiasm and passion, we suggest practicing drinking from the well you dig. As volunteers, we have built a metaphorical well for our members to enjoy through various activities such as faith connections, bible studies, prayer calls, book studies, and holiday celebrations. Engaging in these activities ourselves can prevent burnout and help us grow in our faith and the education of other faiths. By participating in a prayer call, joining a study group, or celebrating a holiday different than our own, we can find renewed energy and avoid becoming disinterested in the important activities of our ERG.