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Building Religious Freedom for All

21 Apr, 2023

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Google’s Naomi Kraus will keynote Dare to Overcome, May 22-24, in Washington DC. Naomi will speak on how employee resource groups (ERGs) build religious freedom for all by combatting antisemitism and all forms of religious bias and discrimination.

Naomi is Global Chair of Google’s Inter Belief Network (IBN). She is also author of What businesses can do to help end antisemitism and support their Jewish colleagues.

Google’s IBN is one of 16+ ERGs at Google, which together have more than 250 chapters globally.

Google’s IBN aims to create a culture of inclusion, tolerance, and mutual understanding at Google for a diversity of beliefs, where Googlers of all beliefs feel welcome, included, and supported. IBN also aims to ensure that the voices of belief-based communities are represented in Google’s products. IBN consists of multiple member chapters representing specific communities of interest, including but not limited to: Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jewglers, and Muslims. IBN also has an interfaith chapter.

Also see Google blog, How your faith community can come together online, by Kirk Perry President, Global Client and Agency Solutions, and Executive Sponsor of Google Inter Belief Network.

The video below gives you an inside look at IBN. Since the release of the video, IBN has also added other chapters. including a Hindu chapter.