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Across America and the world, companies are making faith more welcome in the workplace, creating more inclusive, productive and profitable environments. We’d love to work with your company in this exciting journey! This page gives a taste of the resources and information we have to help. Please be in touch!

Brian J. Grim, Ph.D.
President and Founder
Paul W. Lambert, M.A.
Senior Business Fellow and Trainer
Ambassador Dr. Susan Johnson Cook; Deborah Paul; Christy Anastas

The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation is the leading global authority on how faith contributes to business and economic success.


Fortune 100 Companies Leading the Way

Something amazing is happening in American corporations. They’re becoming more faith friendly. It’s been decades in the making for some, like Texas Instruments, American Airlines, American Express, Intel and Tyson Foods. For others, like Salesforce, Google, Apple, Dell and facebook, it’s new and rapidly growing. Learn more.

Religion is a National Asset

Religion annually contributes nearly $1.2 trillion of socio-economic value to the U.S. economy. It’s more than the annual revenues of Apple, Amazon and Google combined. And it’s also more than 50% larger than that of the annual global revenues of America’s 6 largest oil and gas companies. Learn more.

The Business Case for Religious Freedom

Religious literacy — knowledge about how religion impacts the workplace and the marketplace, our coworkers and partners as well as our customers and clients is important. Data can help us with this. First, religion is not in decline. Demographers project that our planet will have 2.3 billion more religiously affiliated people by 2050 compared with just 0.1 billion more religiously unaffiliated people. That’s like religion “winning” 23-to-1. What does this mean for business? Learn more.

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Annual Faith@Work Conference

American Airlines and Tyson Foods sponsored the first annual national Faith@Work ERG conference in 2020. Join us in 2021 at the Busch School of Business in Washington DC for the second conference.


Ellen Barker, Senior Vice President and CIO at Texas Instruments (TI), makes the case for how a faith-friendly workplace benefits business. With the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, TI co-hosted the 2019 Faith@Work conference at their corporate HQ in Dallas.

Comments from Corporate Sponsors

American Airlines

Corporate sponsor American Airlines shared their reactions on receiving the REDI Awards, and the pivotal role their faith-oriented Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs) play in the company’s ethos of Caring for People on Life’s Journey.

Tyson Foods

Corporate sponsor Tyson Foods, also top scorer on the Corporate Religious Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) Index, hires full-time chaplains to minister to the needs of employees of all faiths and beliefs. And, as we heard, that yields a real Return on Investment.

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Within the business community, many leaders receive little to no education about the significance of religious liberty, religious diversity, and religious inclusion in business and how it impacts the bottom line. As a result, many fail to build strategies, practices and protocols that reflect appropriate religious understanding, accommodations, HR policies. This can result in significant costs and losses, ranging from missed market opportunities, lower employee morale and retention to lawsuits and litigation.


Through our Executive Seminars & Training offerings, developed by our expert faculty, participants will learn the value that religious liberty, religious diversity, and religious inclusion play in business strategy, corporate policy, and economic growth. Additionally, participants will receive strategies for helping their businesses navigate religious freedom in the workplace and gain an appreciation for employees’ religious needs. Our faculty is made up of expert practitioners and academics experienced in delivering education programs to CEOs and government leaders from around the world.