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World Economic Forum’s Faith in Action Accelerator

19 Sep, 2023

UN General Assembly Tandem Meeting

By Brian Grim

On Tuesday, as world leaders including US President Biden and Ukraine President Zelensky address the UN General Assembly, I participated in the World Economic Forum’s Faith in Action working group preparing a report to be issued at Davos 2023.

Among several takeaways is that the most effective ways emerging to accelerate cross-sector collaboration between business, government and faith involves top-down and bottom-up engagement, the very sort we see when companies include religion as part of their diversity initiatives.

For example, DELL Technologies Interfaith employee resource group (ERG) is leading a pan-diversity initiative to combat human trafficking worldwide by engaging tens of thousands of employees, senior leadership, and faith-based NGOs in practical, collaborative initiatives. Such initiatives are in contrast to merely inviting a religious leader to participate, which has limited impact.

This same strategy is proving a powerful strategy to combat the rising tide of antisemitism and other forms of religious bias and discrimination, as set forward in a US National Strategy launched by the White House, which we are supporting.