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Guest Posts to Authenticity & Connection Blog

Ah ha moment on the Israeli-Palestinian border (guest post by Brian Grim, 31 Oct, 2022)

Thank God we don’t all lose hope on the same day (guest post by Rev. Melissa Maher and David Roland, 30 Oct, 2022)

The Power of Silence – Keeping Embers of Hope Alive (guest post by Steve Hitz, 12 Oct, 2022)

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Is it really a sucker’s choice? (guest post by Steve Hitz)

Repeat or Evolve – How to Gain More Focus and Purpose, Part One (guest post by Steve Hitz) (6/1/22)

Repeat or Evolve – From Focus to Flow, Part Two (guest post by Steve Hitz) (6/8/2022)

Davos and Religious Impact (guest post by Brian Grim) (11/13/21)

What We’ve Lost in Rejecting the Sabbath (guest post by Brian Grim) (5/8/21)

Today, over 40 million Men, Women and Children are trapped as Modern-Day Slaves (guest post by Matt Friedman) (4/19/22)

Beginning the Day at American Airlines (guest post by Brian Grim) (7/30/22)