Working for workplace religious diversity, equity & inclusion


Founding of the Ireland InterFaith Business Network

8 Jun, 2024

Yes indeed, think global act local

There is a global movement towards making workplaces religiously inclusive. This faith-and-belief-friendly initiative is global, but it is propelled by people in companies acting locally in ways that fit the environments where they work and live.

On Friday, ServiceNow Interfaith EMEA Lead Mariana Ciocca Alves Passos welcomed people from numerous companies and interfaith organisations based in Dublin to what was, as we concluded, the founding of the Ireland InterFaith@Work network.

Participants came from multiple sectors including financial services (Citigroup and PayPal), professional services (Accenture), and health (Bluebird Care), along with public sector employers such as the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

The network will plan towards a similar launch as we had of the US network in 2020 (now in its fifth year) and the UK network earlier this year.

ServiceNow is a top faith-and-belief company, participating in the REDI Index for three years running. This year ServiceNow’s debuted on the Fortune 500 list, reflecting the growth of the company, which  helps organizations of every size, in every industry, put AI to work for people. They estimate that 85% of the Fortune 500 have modernized their technology with ServiceNow.