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Where to go to learn about something religious?

1 Oct, 2022

Google it? See how Google’s faith-friendly workplaces help make googling more enjoyable.

By Brian Grim

Google has taken steps to make their workplaces more faith-friendly through their Inter Belief Network (IBN) employee resource group (ERG). This allows them to better connect with their billions of users, the majority of whom are also people of faith.

Naomi Kraus, Google Senior Content Strategist & Global Chair of IBN, introduced the above video at our Dare to Overcome conference this past May, showing an example of how this faith-friendly approach impacts one of their products.

So, now, back to the question. Where do you go when you want to learn about something religious? For many people, the first thing they do is “google it.” With Yom Kippur coming up this coming week, click below to see what you find.

And, btw, as someone who has attended three different theological seminaries and has a doctorate in the sociology of religion, I admit, I googled it. 🙂