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Being able to express one’s faith at work is a shared American value

28 May, 2022

At the opening lunch of the 2022 Religious Freedom & Business Foundation’s Dare to Overcome annual conference, a new survey report was unveiled from Deseret News and The Marist Poll focusing on the relationship between religion and business.

While the poll looked at percentages of U.S. adults, when those are turned into population numbers, the findings are even more illuminating as our analysis shows.

A large majority of American adults (85%, or 220 million people) feel comfortable sharing their religious beliefs with coworkers. The survey found that people who practice a religion and those who don’t were nearly as likely to feel comfortable (90% vs. 82%). Being able to express one’s faith at work is thus a shared American value.

A large majority of Americans also report praying for their coworkers (70%, or 181 million), and more than one-in-three report praying for their companies (37%, 98 million). Similarly, more than one-in-three Americans (37%, 98 million) report that faith plays a role in their decision about where to work.

These findings provide evidence that the growing corporate embrace of faith-friendly workplaces has more room to grow in the years to come. See our 2022 REDI Index report for latest trends among corporations in the U.S. and now worldwide.