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Global Human Intelligence Forum

29 May, 2020

“We are at a global tipping point, a once-in-a-generation opportunity to move the world in a new direction.” — Brian Grim

With challenges as diverse as the global pandemic, a superpower trade war, and unresolved racial disparities, perspective is desperately needed.

Brian Grim is no stranger to world-changing events, perhaps channeling a bit of Forrest Gump, he walked through the Berlin Wall the day it fell; the Soviet Union was dissolved in his office building, and the next week the president of the new country of Kazakhstan asked him and his faith-based NGO to help set up the country’s first western style business school in what was, until then, the training academy for communist party cadres.

Since then Grim has become involved in helping companies, governments and leaders understand and embrace how religious freedom benefits business and the economy. This is important to know coming out of the global pandemic when all of us need to get back to work.

Brian Grim to Keynote Global Human Intelligence Forum

Friday, June 5, 3:10pm / NYC Time, Grim will keynote the virtual Forum streaming from Sydney, Australia. Tickets for the Forum can be purchased here.

LIVE – Online
June 03|04|05 /NYC 3-10pm /LA 12-7pm
(June 04|05|06 /Sydney 5am-12pm)

The Forum allows you to experience 3 days with a group of leaders, to go deep into four areas:

1 – Forward Conversations to remove any uncertainty, to make better decisions and the need to take advantage of opportunities to prepare for the future.

2 – New Insights to stretch outside the norm into the power of resilience, learning through human intelligence and from those who have walked the pathway ahead of you.

3 – Proven Solutions to make quick turnarounds to extend your capacity to scale and therefore to master the long term results.

4 – Culture Shifts to engage in the willingness to shift mindsets, to reach the next level of peak performance, impact and the freedom to succeed.

This is an opportunity to hear from keynote speakers who are global leaders in their industry.
To learn what has worked, won’t work going forward and evolving solutions at the decision table.

The Speakers