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Be Fearlessly Authentic

25 May, 2020

“Open and honest discussion of core beliefs helps maintain a flourishing culture.” — Kent Johnson (video)

Speaking at the weekly COVIDxNOW meeting of business leaders, Kent Johnson, Senior Corporate Advisor for the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, powerfully outlines the important role that faith and religious freedom have in addressing the spiritual, emotional and economic impact of Covid-19 (watch).

COVIDxNOW Global Economic Leaders Consortium is aimed at unlocking all possible solutions to the impacts of COVID-19 and in the process creating hope, opportunity and job creation across the globe. COVIDxNOW is galvanizing global leaders from all sectors to generate “fast response solutions” to address social, health and economic impact of the Covid-19 outbreak. As an initiative of The EBW Foundation (Empowering a Billion Women) the COVIDxNOW team is actively seeking and recruiting leaders from around the world who are innovating revolutionary solutions to combat the impact of COVID-19.