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Pilot Multi-faith Calendar 2021: Faith Times

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Today, new recognition is given to the impact of religious and cultural practices on the way individuals live their lives, whether they are at work, are part of a diverse group of volunteers, or leading a classroom. This project was undertaken to provide basic information about some of the many faith groups that are part of the fabric of our society. It is our hope that the data will enhance understanding between and among people who share time and space together.

This calendar covers the events that many faiths will experience during the year, 2021. Since all religions have multiple facets, it is not possible to cover the diverse variations within each culture. Nor is it possible to include every recognized religious group; for example, not all Protestant denominations are represented in this calendar and some of those included do not necessarily celebrate the same holidays in the same way. The content of this booklet, submitted by volunteer adherents of the listed faiths, covers well known observances.

In addition, we acknowledge that there are people who claim no affiliation with any organized religion, who still celebrate secular and national holidays such as Earth Day, Thanksgiving, Juneteenth and more. Respect is due to all persons, whether they claim a religious or spiritual commitment or not.

Note: To make suggestions for expanding the 2022 calendar to include more faiths and entries, send RFBF an email and we’ll pass it along!

Ideas for Implementation
Ideally, review this with all levels of supervisors, and present the information in a positive way. Create small conversation groups with peers to talk about the important role of faith observances. Plan for celebrations of various holidays, created by employees. Develop award systems for best practices related to faith and cultural appreciation. Underwrite company-wide events or promote whole-group programs.

Codes and Explanations
This Calendar covers one year only, from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. See pdf (download) for full descriptions and added information on religious holidays.

Bold listings signify Holy Days, where absences or special rituals may be observed. They are different from holidays/celebrations, which are also shown. During pandemics, faith adherents will expect to observe their Holy Days as always, whether they are working from home, or away at a place of business. Red indicates a high holy day.

Italicized listings indicate that the holiday or Holy Day begins at sundown the night before the named date and ends at sundown on the actual date.

Followers of the Jain faith begin their holidays at sunrise on the named date and complete the holiday at sunrise the following day.

Some faith groups celebrate their holidays on the same calendar date every year, while others change dates according to Solar or Lunar calendars.

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The Faith Times calendar is presented by Associates of Rose Marie Stromberg, Consultant LLC, and Almas Muscatwalla, Chair of the IFC and Board Member of The Thanks-Giving Foundation Compiled by: Rosie Marie Stromberg & Almas Muscatwalla. Edited by: Rose Marie and Ariella Stromberg. Graphic Design by: Kelsey Cabral. Sponsored by: The Thanks-Giving Foundation of Dallas Texas. All Rights Reserved. October 2020. Thanks-Giving Square • 1627 Pacific Ave • Dallas, Texas, 75201 •

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Have suggestions for expanding the 2022 calendar to include more faiths and entries? Send RFBF an email and we’ll pass it along!

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