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Mohammed Faris – Insights from Islam on Productivity

May 6, 2019

Dallas, Texas, May 6, 2019: At the Religious Diversity & Inclusion event at Texas Instruments HQ cosponsored with the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, Mohammed Faris, the founder of the Productive Muslim Company, provides a practical framework that helps urban global Muslims lead a productive lifestyle Spiritually, Physically, and Socially.

Combining his love for Islam with modern productivity techniques, Mohammed discusses:

• How spirituality can boost your productivity .
• How to manage your sleep, nutrition, and fitness (spiritually, physically, and socially)
• How to be socially productive outside your home and community .
• How to manage your focus in an age of distractions
• How to build productive habits and routines
• How to manage your time and invest in your hereafter
• How to be productive during Ramadan

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