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Intersectionality: How interfaith ERGs raise support, awareness, and empathy for others

SAP’s panel at Dare to Overcome 2022 addressed how interfaith ERGs brings anew to the foreground the unique challenges and opportunities of intersectionality of multiple employee identities. Watch and explore how those intersections in one person present new challenges and opportunities for people, teams, and business impact.

Hear the perspectives from working in a global corporation as a both a woman and a person of a faith/belief identity, a differently-abled person, and person of a faith/belief identity, as well as other considerations. By drawing on these intersectionality’s, we help each other accelerate operational excellence, raise a safe forum for previously unshared perspectives, and deepen a company’s and team’s ability to relate with customers and partners, including unlocking individual people potential.

We invite attendees to consider the question: “How might I utilize my role in my interfaith ERG, to help my colleagues in their work in other ERGs in the coming months?”

SAP Panelists: Margot Goodson, Batool Hussain, Michael Seborowski, Jada McFadden, and Kevin Richards