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Multi-Faith Empowerment Plus


Empowerment Plus is a multi-faith learning and action program for young adults aimed at building religious freedom at the grass roots level.

Empowerment Plus gathers together young adults from multiple faith traditions to learn how to apply spiritual principles from their own faith traditions to their personal and professional lives. By working together in multi-faith groups, they learn how other faith traditions also are applied to the same issues.

The multi-faith curriculum for Empowerment Plus, Launching Leaders, is completely free** for faith-related groups. The core curriculum was developed in New Zealand and then the multi-faith version was successfully piloted and rolled out in the MUCC at the University of Manchester, England, under the patronage of the legendary football manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. Since then, it has been successfully implemented on all continents, helping young adults develop a faith-centered framework with a focus on giving back – the key to a meaningful life.

The curriculum — supported by local mentors — is packed with well-done videos and interactive exercises that help young adults answer important questions, including:

Where am I finding meaning and purpose? Am I living true to myself and being authentic? Am I discovering my potential? Should I make a plan for my life? What does financial self-reliance mean to me? Can I succeed alone? How can I give back? Where does spirituality fit in?

The multi-faith Launching Leaders online course includes 12 online modules and the electronic version of the companion book Leadership by LIGHT: Principles That Empower by Global Business & Interfaith Peace Award medalist Steve Hitz.

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Empowerment+ Religious Freedom Philosophy

“This is not religious freedom advocacy, but religious-freedom-building.” — Dr. Brian Grim, RFBF President 

Empowerment Plus is a practical program giving young people real-world skills in an intentionally multi-faith environment. People are not asked to find the lowest common denominator among their faiths, but rather celebrate the diversity that religious freedom for all gives by together applying their own faith principles to address some of the most pressing issues of today. These issues range from poverty alleviation to countering radicalization.

What Leaders Are Saying

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