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CEO Roundtable

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Our Passion

“At the end of the day, when you are galvanizing people who are following what they are called to do, when they are living a life of purpose, that is great for business! Why? Because these are people who are going to bust through walls to make anything happen and that’s good for your top line and that’s good for your bottom line.”



The Purpose of the Roundtable

Open to women and men, the Women’s CEO Roundtable is gathering of global CEO’s and leaders who come together in shared fellowship to address business issues facing the world today. The CEO Roundtable is by invitation only and is part of The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation (RFBF). For more information, email us!

The Impact of the Roundtable

The focus of the CEO Roundtable is to create a space where leaders can discuss issues facing the world today, and together, ask and discuss questions to help better our global community.

At times, The CEO Roundtable will choose to attend global events that have been identified as those that we feel the presence of the Roundtable will help inform decisions being made around global issues.

Meetings of the Roundtable (see schedule)

See recording of Nov. 3, 2022 roundtable with Sat Bachan Anthony.

  • (1) Monthly virtual gatherings hosted by CEO Roundtable leaders and guests.
  • (2) Internal meetings during RFBF Flagship events such as the CEO Roundtable breakfast held during “Dare to Overcome” in Washington DC May 23-25, 2022, and again in India in 2023.
  • (3) Various events throughout the year that the CEO Roundtable determines would benefit from having the presence of the CEO Roundtable

Format of Monthly Gatherings (first Thursday of each month except January, 9AM PST/ 11AM CST/ 12PM EST 2022)

The Monthly Gatherings are an opportunity to hear from global leaders who are advocates for religious freedom in the workplace.

Recorded calls are 30 minutes in length followed by “off the record” non-recorded 30 minute conversations around pressing global issues. Calls are led by Ingrid Vanderveldt, Chair of the CEO Roundtable and Brian Grim, President of RFBF.

  • — 0-5 minutes (5 minutes total):  Introductions and Updates
  • — 5-20 minutes (15 minutes total):  Presentation by Invited Guest Speaker
  • — 20-30 minutes (10 minutes total):  Q&A
  • — 30-60 minutes (30 minutes total):  Off the record conversations

Steering Committee

The CEO Roundtable is guided by a Steering Committee of global leaders dedicated to providing leadership, mentorship and guidance for the CEO Roundtable itself.

Meetings are throughout the year and the Steering Committee is selected by leaders of the CEO Roundtable and the broader RFBF.