Working for workplace religious diversity, equity & inclusion


Women’s IRF CEO Roundtable

Our Passion

“At the end of the day, when you are galvanizing people who are following what they are called to do, when they are living a life of purpose, that is great for business! Why? Because these are people who are going to bust through walls to make anything happen and that’s good for your top line and that’s good for your bottom line.”

The passion that animates Ingrid is the passion that defines the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation’s Women’s International Religious Freedom (IRF) CEO Roundtable: When people can bring their whole selves to work, faith and all, that’s good for the person, the workplace and for society.

The CEO Roundtable is open to women CEOs of all faiths and beliefs who share this same passion. It has three areas of work: opt-in participation, workplace certification, and annual awards. For more information or to participate, email us!

Steering Committee

The CEO Roundtable is guided by a Steering Committee of global leaders dedicated to providing leadership, mentorship and guidance for the CEO Roundtable itself.

Meetings are throughout the year and the Steering Committee is selected by leaders of the CEO Roundtable and the broader Religious Freedom & Business Foundation (RFBF).

The Roundtable’s Work

Opt-In Participation

The CEO Roundtable has a seat at the table at every Religious Freedom & Business Foundation (RFBF) national and global event.

The next major event is Dare to Overcome, the RFBF’s annual in-person gathering for Fortune 500 faith-oriented employee resource groups (ERGs) and corporate chaplains to come together to share best practices and to build supportive, intersecting networks nationally and globally at the three-day event. As with all events, all faiths and beliefs are welcome!

Workplace Certification

The CEO Roundtable encourages business leaders to sign our Corporate Pledge, committing to fostering workplaces are religiously accommodating and free from discrimination. The Pledge is a concrete action CEOs can do to help employees feel free to bring their faiths and beliefs with them to work, creating more inclusive, innovative, productive and profitable environments.

In addition to signing the Pledge, we encourage companies to be certified as a faith-friendly workplace, which will communicate to your employees and customers that everyone is respected. That’s good for recruitment, retention, productivity, and the bottom line. Learn more here.

Annual Awards

Each year, the Women’s CEO IRF Roundtable selects women CEOs from around the world to be honored for their work in advancing interfaith understanding, religious freedom, and peace. These awards are presented in tandem with the Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards.  Learn more here.