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Diversity Atlas offered in partnership with Cultural Infusion

Diversity Atlas is an online survey tool we can offer as part of our training programs to assess and monitor diversity within companies and organizations, measuring demographics and intersectional data across the four interconnected cultural diversity pillars: (1) Religion & Worldview (7,900+ religions, branches and denominations); (2) Country of Birth (UN list of countries and independent territories); (3) Language (7,900 + all spoken languages worldwide); and (4) Ethnicity & Race (8,000 + different global ethnic groups).

Business Success in a Religiously Diverse World

The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, in collaboration with Cultural Infusion offers companies the opportunity to integrate Diversity Atlas into their overall diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy. The business case is clear. Companies with diverse and inclusive cultures are: 6 times more likely to be innovative; 6 times more likely to anticipate change and respond effectively; and 2 times as likely to meet or exceed financial targets (Deloitte 2017).

Diversity Atlas offers a scientific, data-driven approach to better diversity outcomes, where we help you understand “who you are” today, helping to reimagine where you hope to be tomorrow.


For questions regarding incorporating Diversity Atlas into your DEI program, please contact Paul Lambert.

Paul Lambert | Senior Business Fellow

Download: Diversity Atlas Overview

Download: Workplace Religious Diversity & Inclusion Brochure