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Conversation with Forbes’ Seth Cohen on new Faith + Business Community

21 Jan, 2024

Above, tune into this conversation with Seth Cohen, Chief Impact Officer @ Forbes, hosted by RFBF’s Brian Grim, on the new community created by Forbes to share ideas and discuss how faith, business, entrepreneurship and creativity can work together to help make the world more prosperous. You can join the group’s LinkedIn page here.

The Forbes Faith + Business Community recently launched a LinkedIn Group for a global network of individuals applying their talent and time to the intersection of faith, business, entrepreneurship and creativity. The community is open to any individual who is interested in sharing and exploring content, ideas, opportunities, and initiatives that are faith-focused. Community members include executives, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, NGO leaders, policy makers, content creators, and many others.

This community is open and inclusive, the common denominator among all Forbes Faith + Business members is the willingness to share ideas, opportunities and solutions, all in a respectful and open-minded way. This isn’t a place for overly insistent self-promotion (although sharing your work and efforts is invited), its a place to discover new approach an allies, while also sharing stories and learnings we can all grow from.

Now, more than ever, leaders are grappling with all of these issues and more as they struggle with talent shortages, high rates of turnover, disengaged workers, a wobbly economy and the escalating pace of change. That’s why we created this digital forum — so ideas can be heard, partnerships can be nurtured, and solutions can be found. We are glad you found us, and we are looking forward to helping the world work better – together.


The Forbes Faith + Business Community is an initiative of the Forbes Impact Lab. The content posted herein is the opinion of the individual posting the comment and is not to be deemed the opinion of Forbes Media. For questions, comments and collaborations, please contact Seth Cohen, Chief Impact Officer, Forbes Media.