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Providing spiritual care saved a company

7 Aug, 2023

Chaplains at AZZ

Ken Lavelle, EVP of Operations from AZZ, North America’s largest metal galvanizing company, discussed with Julie A. Wilkes, Global Well-being Senior Manager for Accenture, how providing spiritual care saved the company. Questions discussed during the 4th annual 2023 Dare to Overcome Faith@Work Conference in Washington DC included:

  1. – What are the core values of of AZZ?
  2. – You have a core value of spiritual growth? That’s really interesting. Could you explain that?
  3. – You credit chaplains with keeping your company afloat during covid. Could you describe that?
  4. – How did that experience lead to continued spiritual growth and emotional health in the company?
  5. – What are some of the indicators of impact – for example, how does it impact retention rates and your insurance costs?
  6. – Why should other companies consider having chaplains?