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Why doesn’t this make world news?

21 Jul, 2023

Mumbai philanthropist restores major Jewish sites in India

By Brian Grim

As the adage goes, “If it bleeds it leads.” But why can’t equally important constructive news make headlines?

That was my thought as I had the opportunity to learn about the amazing work of Mrs. Sangita Jindal, the Chairperson of the JSW Foundation, the charitable arm of her family’s JSW Group, a $23 billion conglomerate — amongst India’s largest.

Among their priorities is “conserving the architectural soul of India.” In a recent interview she said, “People have asked me why I helped restore the Keneseth Eliyahoo synagogue and the David Sassoon Library and Reading Room. Are you Jewish, they ask me. I say, no, I am Hindu, but it doesn’t matter what I am. This is for the city.”

I had the opportunity to visit the Reading Room (pictured above) and visit with Mrs. Jindal at the JSW Foundation headquarters in Mumbai on Friday. Hers will be one of the stories that will be shared at our upcoming Dare to Overcome meeting in New Delhi.

If people from your business would like to attend, please let me know!