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Promise of India following Biden-Modi Summit

23 Jun, 2023

By Brian Grim

Greetings from India! As US President Biden and Indian Prime Minister Modi held their summit in Washington, I have been meeting with partners in India to prepare for our global edition of Dare to Overcome (DTO), in tandem with the G20 hosted by India..

Time after time, I’ve been impressed with how many people are working for an India where all people — regardless of creed or belief — are valued and included.

I also met with UNESCO’s Culture Program officer Junhi Han, who enthusiastically supported Dare to Overcome.

As more partners come on board, the promise of India as a counterpoint to the ultra authoritarian system promoted by China is a light on the horizon.

To quote Modi, “regardless of caste, creed, religion [or] gender, there’s absolutely no space for discrimination.” Of course, walking the talk is what’s needed.

The challenges are real. Nonetheless, it’s an ideal to be realized if India is to be the success story of the 21st century!