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27 Jun, 2023

Salesforce’s Faithforce shines light on service & celebrating each other’s festivals

By Brian Grim

The highlight of my current trip to India has been a visit to the Hyderabad headquarters of Salesforce. I met the president of Faithforce India, members of their leadership team as well as the Executive Vice president for Faithforce Global, who’s based there.

The Faithforce Business Resource Group (BRG) India is a network of 1,500+ members spanning multiple cities. In addition organizing inclusive mindfulness yoga in locations across the country as well as celebrating each other’s festivals and gaining knowledge of each other’s beliefs, they also collaboratively engage in community service.

For example, during last year’s December holidays and their champion month, each office put up a sustainable Christmas Tree through which they collected donations for children in need across India. The donations for this #BeAFaithSanta Drive included hygiene kits, educational kits, clothes, sports equipment and toys. Faithforce members planted the trees afterwards, in partnership with their environmental Business Resource Group – Earthforce.

Each floor also has a purpose-built mindfulness room for meditation and prayer, just as Salesforce offices do worldwide.

To learn more about the inclusive and cross culturally engaged Salesforce communities in India, watch the recent Indian “Economic Times Now” episode profiling Salesforce on “India’s Finest Workplaces,” which also features India’s Faithforce story (beginning at 5:45 mark)!

And what’s the business impact of all of this? It improves collaboration and engagement, increases retention and recruitment, and ultimately increases the bottom line. Indeed, Faithforce is a Business Resource Group (BRG)!

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