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How to expand ERGs worldwide

3 May, 2023

American Express (AMEX) has three global faith-based networks: SALT (Christian), PEACE (Muslim) and CHAI (Jewish). They have added many chapters in the past year and have locations in dozens of countries. In the past year, SALT has added chapters in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Mexico.

Lori Joe Brown, a leader of SALT and On-boarding Manager for American Express, will share how they have expanded from a US base to the world at the upcoming Dare to Overcome conference in Washington, DC.

Join top business leaders, Fortune 500 faith-oriented employee resource group (ERG) leaders, and corporate chaplains to share best practices and to build supportive, intersecting networks nationally and globally! The mission: Shine a light on successes in promoting mutual respect and allyship among diverse communities.

American Express is a sponsor of Dare to Overcome.