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Genesis of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation and the impact of its message

16 May, 2023

The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation (RFBF) is the preeminent organization dedicated to educating the global business community, policymakers, non-government organizations and consumers about the positive power that faith and religious freedom for all (including those with no religious faith) have on workplaces and the economy.

The original impetus for forming the foundation came with the drafting of the 2013 White Paper Promoting Religious Freedom: A Corporate Social Responsibility and the 2014 research article Is Religious Freedom Good for Business?: A Conceptual and Empirical Analysis published in the Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion (IJRR).

The research article found that religious freedom is one of only three factors significantly associated with global economic growth, providing empirical support for the principled findings of the White Paper.

Greg Clark, J.D., vice president of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, was integrally involved in both publications, spurred on by his own experience as a corporate lawyer in the Gulf region. Hear his related podcast here.

Christina Clark, Ph.D., senior education engagement fellow at the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, has been sharing the message with business schools and at international gatherings worldwide, especially focusing on the faith-friendly movement within corporations. Hear her related podcast here.

Greg and Christina will discuss the genesis of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation and the impact of its message at this year’s Dare to Overcome, May 22-24, in Washington DC.