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Economically Empowering Genocide Survivors

12 May, 2023

Washington DC: Day 3 of Dare to Overcome (May 22-24) will have two tracks: A workplace chaplaincy track and an international religious freedom (IRF) and business track.

Speaking at the IRF track is Charmaine Hedding is a Senior Advisor for Global Strategy and Development for the IRF Secretariat.

Charmaine is also President of Shai Fund, a non-profit working to support religious minorities in conflict and disaster zones. Formerly from the business sector in Southern Africa, she uses business to build economic empowerment programs, which help religious minority communities that have suffered persecution or survived genocide to get back on their feet economically and become more resilient.

Her economic revitalization projects underway in conflict-ridden areas of the Middle East and Africa have created thriving livelihoods dealing with underlying issues such as poverty, migration, and instability, that otherwise would continue to form barriers to their presence let alone their inclusion and ultimately the peace and stability of the region.

Since 2014, Shai Fund has directly assisted over 170,000 people with practical and immediate assistance and created job opportunities and sustainable futures for thousands.

Join us at Dare to Overcome to see how business can offer solutions to some of the world’s pressing problems.