Working for workplace religious diversity, equity & inclusion


Interview: Religion & DEI by Colleen Frye

8 Feb, 2023

For some employees, the ability to be open about their faith is an important component of “bringing their whole selves” to work

In an interview with ChannelPro Network’s managing editor Colleen Frye, she and I discussed the opportunities provided by including religion as part of DEI, such as overcoming prejudices and increasing employee engagement.

We also explored the dangers of excluding religion, such as missed opportunities to connect with customers. Taking this to heart, see how Google’s Inter Belief Network helps them connect “delightfully” with customers in the video below.

Google has taken steps to make their workplaces more faith-friendly through their Inter Belief Network (IBN) employee resource group. This allows them to better connect with their billions of users, the majority of whom are also people of faith. See an example of how this impacts one of their products.