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Interfaith ERGs go global

19 Nov, 2022

From Latin America to India, interfaith employee resource groups (ERGs) are spreading worldwide

By Brian Grim

Members of DELL Technologies’ Interfaith ERG from across Latin America had a virtual All Hands event this week. I was invited to participate in the multinational gathering, and share how their work is at the forefront of building religiously inclusive workplaces that benefit retention, recruitment, revenue, and resiliency.

“Our faith helps us live our ordinary lives in an extraordinary way! I’m proud to serve as the Latam Executive Sponsor of Interfaith, Dell Technologies Employee Resource Group focused on supporting our employees to be active with their faith at work and drive awareness of different religions. In today’s Interfaith Latam AHOD, we had the honor of having Brian J. Grim, founding president of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation. He shared with us great insights and his perspective on the value of respecting and promoting our different faiths in the workplace. So proud of the work Interfaith Latam is doing and all its Leaders!”

– JuanCarlos (JC) Gama, VP of Marketing Latin America at Dell Technologies

One big takeaway for me is that DELL Interfaith’s global expansion is truly at the forefront of the growing movement of faith-friendly workplaces worldwide.

For example, I had the opportunity to meet in Mumbai with Manoj Paul, Equinix’s India country head. He shared how they are actively making sure every team member feels free to bring their whole self to work, including their faiths and beliefs. They do this by making sure every religious and cultural holiday is recognized and celebrated. But not stopping there, he said that they are continuing to look for innovative and fresh ways to help everyone feel respected and valued, including membership in Equinix’s FaithConnect interfaith ERG.

Soon after I get back from India next week, I’ll head out to Equinix’s Silicon Valley headquarters in Redwood City to speak at a Dec. 9 holiday lunch on the importance of acknowledging the importance of every employee’s holidays. If you or your colleagues are in the area, please register and join this Equinix FaithConnect sponsored event!

All the very best from India!