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Faith Can Be a Core Element of DEI

7 Sep, 2022

by Brian Grim

As part of the Faith & Media Initiative, I just published Faith Can Be a Core Element of DEI — And a Way to Convene a Dialogue Around These Issues in TriplePundit.

If you’re not familiar with TriplePundit, for over three decades they have reported on the intersection of people, planet and profit, believing business can be a force for good. They make the business case for corporate responsibility and sustainability, and the private sector’s leadership to secure social justice and fair economic opportunities for all. In other words, TriplePundit reports on the business of doing better. And including Faith as part of DEI is business doing better.

The Faith & Media Initiative is a new program whose mission it is to bring together leaders of faith ERGs, DEI practitioners and content creators (among others) to heal division, promote understanding, inspire more balanced faith stories in news and entertainment, and foster a healthy conversation about spirituality.

The article …

A senior engineer and practicing Muslim at a major Silicon Valley corporation wanted to block time on his calendar each week to attend Friday prayers. He was told: “We don’t do religion here.” Across the Valley at Salesforce – a cloud-based software company – he heard they do.

It wasn’t long before he was there, and his previous firm was doing a serious rethink of their no-religion policy. …

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