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Podcast: Building Religious Freedom in Business Organizations with Brian Grim

23 Dec, 2021

As the world endured the pandemic, we’ve seen the world moving into a new direction. Business organizations realized a global tipping point that has made them work with people in different religious affiliations.

In this episode, Brian Grim, the founding president of the Religious Freedom and Business Foundation, shares the benefits of expressing religious freedom in the community and in the workplace.

It has always been Brian’s advocacy to create working environments where people are at liberty to practice and exhibit their faith. By doing these, organizations establish success via great teamwork and retention. They know how to nurture an employee based on faith and beliefs.

Brian also shares the 9 principles that guides his way of thinking. These principles motivate people to live the kind of life that God wants us to live. It involves being mindful, excellent, caring, finding God in all things and so much more.

If you want to learn more how companies maximize the skills and talents of their employees via faith motivation, this inspiring episode is for you.

  • — The response of various religious affiliations to COVID-19 (01:50)
  • — The miraculous timing of the business organization’s conference (03:30)
  • — Bringing religious freedom in the Soviet Union (09:10)
  • — The mysteries of faith (13:15)
  • — How the Jesuits brought change to the world (16:55)
  • — 9 principles that guide Brian’s way of thinking (18:35)
  • — Narrowing the gap of having religious freedom in the community (31:13)
  • — How to encourage opportunities for authenticity in the workplace (34:12)
  • — Q&A with Brian Grim (36:17)