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World’s largest airline hosts roundtable advancing workplace religious inclusion and allyship

27 Oct, 2021

This past week, the American Airlines Christian, Indian, Jewish and Muslim Employee Business Resource Groups (ERGs) partnered with the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation (RFBF) and Dare to Overcome to host other Dallas area faith-oriented ERGs from Fannie Mae, Texas Instruments, Dell, and Qualtrics to discuss and share best practices around the importance of faith in the workplace.

The roundtable also discussed with American Airlines Abilities ERG how faith-and-belief ERGs can be strong allies to those with differing abilities, which is the theme of next year’s Dare to Overcome Faith@Work annual summit in Washington DC, also co-sponsored by RFBF, American Airlines and the Busch School of Business.

“Kudos to RFBF for creating a safe space for inter-faith ERGs to collaborate on creating company cultures that allow faith and spirituality to be a part of the work environment. RFBF believes that business and religious freedom combine to form a powerful force for a better world,” said Millicent Rone, Sr. Specialist of Inclusion and Diversity at American Airlines.

The Roundtable was held at the American Airlines Integrated Flight Operations Control Center (IOC) and hosted by Fr. Greg McBrayer, Chief Flight Controller and global co-lead of American Airlines Christian EBRG. Meetings with senior executives followed the roundtable at Skyview, the global headquarters of the airline, including with Chief Customer Officer Alison Taylor, Cedric Rockamore, Vice President of Global People Operations and Diversity & Inclusion, and RFBF’s Senior Corporate Advisor Kent Johnson.

Other participants from American Airlines included Yvonne Lane, Soniya Hiremath, Mark Fisher and Carlos Landeros, as well as Steve Helms (Dell), Megan Meckstroth and Khubaib Lakhani (Texas Instruments), Eddie Hussein (Qualtrics), and Kamala Thomas (Fannie Mae).