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IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Brian Grim named to CVS Health Faith-based and Business Leaders Advisory Council

13 Apr, 2021

Dr. Brian Grim, president and founder of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, has been named as a member of the CVS Health Faith-based and Business Leaders Advisory Council. He will serve for a two-year term, through 2022.

The Advisory Council emerged as a CVS Health strategic priority to build a strong alliance of faith and business leaders to help advance the mission of their social justice and equity initiative. The Council will support vital actions that are needed to address social justice and equity issues related to health, workforce and education. CVS Health believes that a collaboration of diverse talents, shared values and purpose will revitalize and strengthen communities for the greater good of all.

The Advisory Council is comprised of faith and business leaders that represent the following key strategic areas:

• CVS Health Business Leaders • National Faith-based/Business Associations • National Religious Organizations • Local Congregations • Local Ecumenical or Interfaith Agencies • Charitable Aid Organizations • Seminaries and Higher Education • Hospitals and Health Foundations • Diverse Community Ministries

The role of the Advisory Board consists of information sharing and providing strategy, advocacy, problem-solving and feedback. CVS Health will undertake groundbreaking opportunities within the faith-based sector to reach underserved communities, train returning citizens and reduce health care disparities, with the assistance of this team’s guidance.

Faith-based Stakeholder Advisory Council Responsibilities include:

  • • Assist with building broad support and participation for the CVS Health Faith-based and Second Chance (SJE) Initiative.
  • • Build upon new directions and opportunities for Workforce, Education and Health programs within the underserved and disenfranchised communities.
  • • Address critical issues and help bridge the gap in services and support for vulnerable communities.
  • • Offer advice, counsel and insights into customizing programs to serve local congregations and Second Chance populations.
  • • Assist with collecting data through surveys, questionnaires and focus groups, etc., to define present needs in determining new opportunities. Respond to data and make recommendations.

A History of Faith Engagement

CVS Health has had faith partnerships through the years. For more on the rationale, watch the discussion by Olivia Lang, Director of Workforce Initiatives for CVS Health, who spoke as part of the panel discussion “Business Success in a Religiously Diverse World.” Mrs. Lang discussed how attention to religious diversity and inclusion within the company is also reflected in community business opportunities. The event was cosponsored by the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation (RFBF), the Freedom Forum Institute’s Religious Freedom Center, and Tanenbaum (see video).