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Film Competition Explores How Women’s Rights and Freedom of Belief are Inseparable

3 Mar, 2021

March 8, 2021 – Los Angeles and Washington DC – In honor of International Women’s Day, Empower Women Media and the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation announce their 4th annual International Film Competition. The goal of the competition is to challenge filmmakers around the world to produce short films that explore how freedom of belief in the workplace and community empowers women and leads to innovation and thriving communities.

“Freedom of religion or belief gives a woman the right to choose for herself what she believes in and how she wants to live her life according to those beliefs,” explains Mariya Dostzadah Goodbrake, last year’s Grand Prize winner.

The competition offers $5,000 in prize money, and the winning 3-minute films will screen before world-class CEOs, UN partners and NGO leaders at the Global Business & Peace Symposium in Tokyo (link).

The submission deadline for the film competition is June 1, 2021.

To submit a short film to the 2021 competition, all participants must complete the free 60-minute eCourse, LIVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE (link).

“We’re excited to share our eCourse, LIVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE, with everyone involved in our film competition,” says, Shirin Taber, the Iranian-American director of Empower Women Media. “We want them to understand the important correlation between freedom of belief and women’s empowerment.”

In preparation for the film competition, Empower Women Media offers coaching and free monthly film training webinars. The next webinar is Monday, March 22nd at 9:00 a.m. PST. To register for the film training or for more information about the film competition, contact Shirin Taber at