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Place of Religious Freedom in ASEAN’s Development Agenda

3 Nov, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand: Welcome to the third and fourth webinars in a series organized this fall by the Southeast Asia Freedom of Religion or Belief Network (SEAFoRB). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SEAFoRB is unable to hold our normal annual gathering, and so instead we have arranged a series of online events addressing freedom of religion or belief issues in Southeast Asia.

SEAFoRB aims to bring together religious and belief communities, human rights organizations, academics, and decision-makers alike to discuss current trends and, together, promote the right to FoRB for all.

November 9, 2020
8:30-10:00 PM Washington DC
November 10, 2020
01.30-3.00 AM Universal Coordinated Time
8.30-10:00 AM Bangkok
9.30-11.00 AM Kuala Lumpur


This webinar will explore practical ways that freedom of religion or belief helps cultivate a social and regulatory environment that allows individuals and communities to facilitate the achievement of a variety of social goods. This includes contributions to advancing sustainable development goals in fields of hunger reduction, improved public health, alleviation of poverty, and the like to make more effective contributions and to finding positive synergies for interacting with public sector institutions. Experts will also focus on how FoRB contributes to building resilient communities that can help weather the storm of uncertainties in life ahead.

W. Cole Durham, Jr. | Founding Director, International Center for Law and Religion Studies
Katherine Marshall | Berkley Center, Georgetown University, and Head of World Faiths Development Dialogue, USA
Brian Grim | President, President, Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, USA
Alissa Wahid | National Director of Gusdurian Network, Indonesia

More information, including speaker bios and other sessions. Also see 2019 SEAFoRB program.