Working for workplace religious diversity, equity & inclusion


PayPal launches “Believe”

18 Jul, 2020

Fostering an Inclusive Workplace for All Faiths and Worldviews

PayPal is a purpose-driven company striving to be guided by a set of beliefs that they identify as the foundation for how they conduct business every day. Through their One Team Behaviors, PayPal aspires to hold the highest ethical standards, to empower an open and diverse corporate culture, and strive to treat everyone who is touched by their business with dignity and respect. Their employees challenge the status quo, ask questions, and find solutions. They seek to break down barriers to financial empowerment.

As part of this corporate culture, on July 7 PayPal launched “Believe,” an employee resource group for their Interfaith Diversity & Inclusion Community.

According to PayPal,

“We believe all employees have the right to bring their whole self to work. Faith and worldviews are core to who we are – our values and beliefs – and to how we conduct business. The mission of Believe is to foster an inclusive work culture and to promote holistic wellbeing by providing a forum to openly exercise and celebrate all faiths and worldviews while working. Believe exists to create awareness and understanding of faith, hope, love, empathy, respect for one another and service toward our customers, communities and co-workers.”

Believe’s core objectives are to:
• Embrace – Create a safe environment where our faith and worldviews are intrinsically valued and supported.
• Transcend – Increase understanding, awareness and cultural sensitivity to our diverse faiths and worldviews.
• Celebrate – Share our traditions and holidays in a fun and engaging way.
• Be Open to All – Welcome people of all faiths and worldviews, including all interested in experiencing or learning, so employees can bring their whole self to work.

Becky Pomerleau, a founding member of Believe, captured the spirit of Believe on its launch: “Beyond grateful and blessed to work for a company that values #faithinclusion and #faithdiversity. I believe #PayPal is well resourced and well positioned to solve the problems facing our world today, including religious and belief intolerance and social justice. My hope is that through Believe, our employees can freely bring their source of peace, hope, love, empathy and resilience to work, rather feeling the need to check it at the door.”