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Business Leaders Advancing Interfaith Understanding and Peace

30 Jun, 2020

On 5 continents, in 5 minutes, 5 ways business leaders advance religious freedom, interfaith understanding & peace

One of the joys we have at the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation is to recognize business leaders who are making a positive impact on our world. Below, we introduce you to the work of five previous recipients of the Global Business & Interfaith Peace Award. Let their work spark you to engage in this vital work.

See all awardees from 2016 and 2018. The 2020 awards will be given later this year.

Africa: The Sunshine Approach to Business

Middle East: A Foundation for All — Jobs

US: Advocating for the Persecuted

Australia: Positive Peace Index – Peace is Good for Business

China: Faith in Action to Help the Visually Impaired