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Faith & Belief ERGs WebEx Call, May 5

23 Apr, 2020

Topic: Faith-Oriented ERGs’ Response to Covid-19

Note: Will not be recorded and is off the record (Chatham House Rule)

Hosted by Religious Freedom & Business Foundation via WebEx
12:00 PM – 12:30 PM Tuesday, May 5 2020 (UTC-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Faith-Oriented Employee Resource Groups throughout the world are helping inspire compassionate and effective responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. This month, representatives from various faith ERGs at American Express will briefly describe their groups and their activities, and how they’ve helped address the new world we’re living in under COVID-19.

Each Amex ERG representative will share from their respective spiritual traditions a thought, scripture or prayer that each finds helpful in navigating the challenges we are facing during the pandemic.

This is the second in a series of monthly interfaith ERG community calls. The first featured insights from Intel. Going forward, they will be held at noon Eastern Time on the first Tuesday of every month. The June 2 call will feature insights from American Airlines. Questions, suggestions? Email us!

Background Concept

by Kent Johnson, Senior Corporate Advisor, RFBF

The Covid-19 crisis spotlights another threatening illness in companies and society today: The apparent lack of authenticity, transparency and trust.

Especially during this time when we’re barred from in-person interaction, coworkers need to go deeper; to get more personal – and more authentic. We need deep connections among people collaborating all over the world – including people who differ in their faiths and beliefs, but who share core personal motivations to promote honesty, compassion and unselfishness.  This need will remain after Covid-19 is defeated.

Faith-and-Belief-oriented Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have a lot to offer in this crisis. The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation’s (RFBF’s) online conferences promote freedom of expression about faith and core values in the workplace. RFBF’s rigorous studies illustrate how this freedom enables human flourishing.  We celebrate companies that do this well, especially those that encourage employees to bring their full authentic selves to work, including their faith. And we see increasing evidence that companies are increasingly embracing faith-oriented ERGs as enormously beneficial for business – and for society at large.

We’re thankful that many of you are joining us in this hope-filled venture for a cure to the lack of authenticity, transparency and trust. And we are also pleased to announce the launch of the first-ever LinkedIn Group for Faith and Belief ERGs. Please join our LINKEDIN GROUP to share your thoughts and to stay in touch.

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