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America’s Economic Secret: Religious Freedom

19 Sep, 2019

Religious Freedom sets people of faith free to do good, and that’s worth a lot, as research on the US shows: 

Conservatively, religion annually contributes about $1.2 trillion to the U.S. economy, which would make the U.S. religious economy the world’s 15th largest national economy, putting it ahead of about 180 other countries. It’s more than the annual revenues of the world’s top 10 tech companies, including Apple, Amazon and Google. And it’s also more than 50% larger than that of the annual global revenues of America’s 6 largest oil and gas companies. So, you might say, that represents a lot of spiritually inspired fuel being pumped into the U.S. economy. (source)

Volunteer addiction recovery support groups meeting in congregations around the USA contribute $316.6 billion in benefit to the US economy every year at no cost to tax payers. And this represents only a portion of the faith-based work addressing the addiction crisis. (source)