Working for workplace religious diversity, equity & inclusion


Event: Religious Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace, May 6, Dallas

7 Mar, 2019

May 6, 2019, Monday, 8:00am-1:00pm | Texas Instruments worldwide headquarters | 12500 TI Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75243


Case for Action: Employees who bring their “whole selves” to the workplace perform better in bottom line key indicator areas. For many, religion and spirituality are core to their identity, and their faith strongly influences their work. Yet they feel they must hide this identity at work. As a result, they often feel devalued and stifled. Respecting religious differences and collaborating across faith communities can help build an inclusive culture where all employees can be themselves and deliver their best performance.

Breakthrough: Increasingly, workplace leaders are embracing religious diversity in a way that supports organizational objectives and strengthens cultures of trust, integrity, mutual respect and organizational effectiveness. They are seeing how openness to appropriate religious expression can elevate employee recruitment, commitment, engagement, retention, ethical practices and personal fulfillment.

Also, global studies show that the freedom to exercise one’s faith and beliefs is significantly associated with economic growth and the World Economic Forum’s pillars of global competitiveness.

Invitation: Join us Monday, May 6, 8:00am-1:00pm, at Texas Instruments (TI) worldwide headquarters (12500 TI Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75243) for an in-depth discussion of religious diversity and an introduction to resources to help companies design successful policies and practices to maximize the benefits of religious diversity & inclusion in the workplace.


  • Ellen Barker (TI Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer)
  • Suzan Johnson Cook (President & CEO of CHARISMA SPEAKERS, former U.S. Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom)
  • Samantha Dwinell (TI Vice President, Talent Management and Workforce Intelligence)
  • Brian Grim (President, Religious Freedom & Business Foundation)
  • TI employees from various faiths and backgrounds sharing significant experiences with workplace religious diversity.
  • Mohammed Faris (Author, The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity)
  • Sue Warnke (Senior Director of Engineering Content & President of Faithforce San Francisco at Salesforce)
  • Kent Johnson (former TI senior counsel)
  • Other Employee Experiences (American Airlines, etc.)

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