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BBC interviews Brian Grim: ‘America’s Pastor’ Billy Graham and the Business of Religion

24 May, 2018


Billy Graham died aged 99. The globe-trotting preacher transformed American religious life through his ‘crusades’ and activism.

He used his charisma and the power of TV to spread his gospel around the world – which translated into influence of a different nature – financial and political. We explore these issues with Dr Brian Grim, president of the Religious Freedom and Business Foundation in Annapolis, Maryland.

Transparency International has published its latest Corruption Perceptions Index – assessing the perceived levels of public sector corruption in 180 countries. While countries like Senegal have climbed up this year’s rankings, Australia’s score has fallen.

Maggie Murphy, Senior Global Advocacy Manager at Transparency International, explains why.

Fergus Nicoll is joined throughout the show by Yuan Yang, Beijing Correspondent at the Financial Times, and Dante Disparte, founder of Risk Cooperative.

Picture: Billy Graham delivers a speech on stage in the 1970s (Credit: Keystone/Getty).