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Emerging International Leaders Programme on Freedom of Religion or Belief

17 Apr, 2017

Brian Grim will address 50 emerging global leaders on the economic benefits of freedom of religion and belief on July 23, 2017. The event is held at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, and sponsored by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

The Emerging International Leaders Programme on Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) will equip future leaders and opinion formers with the skills and insight necessary to drive debate, influence policy and build a powerful global network.

It responds to the fact that around three-quarters of the world’s population lives in countries that restrict such freedoms or fail to protect them. It aims to empower scholars to become advocates of human rights in their universities and home countries.

The programme is open to postgraduate students who are scholars on the Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme and the Chevening Scholarship Scheme. Each year, 50 high-potential candidates will be selected and supported with  gaining an in-depth understanding of the importance of the freedom of religion or belief. Applications for 2017 have now closed.

Key themes

We will be addressing the following key questions:

  • – Why is freedom of religion or belief important?
  • – How does freedom of religion or belief intersect with other freedoms?
  • – What are the successes/failings of existing national and international policies on freedom of religion or belief?
  • – How can existing human rights frameworks be supplemented, supported and implemented?

The programme will involve:

  • – Residential Retreats at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park (see dates below)
  • – Multi-disciplinary discussion with academics, advocates, policy-makers, and activists
  • – Lectures, workshops, and peer-to-peer learning
  • – An exploration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the role and position of religion in the public sphere, religious literacy, and inter-faith dialogue
  • – Analysis of practical responses to violations of FoRB worldwide.

Participants will look at Freedom of Religion or Belief in a contemporary, global context and have the opportunity to engage in a multi-disciplinary discussion with academics, advocates, policy makers, activists, and their peers.

Residential retreats

Cumberland Lodge’s residential retreats will encompass lectures, workshops, and peer-to-peer learning and will consider the significance of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights. They will also examine the role of religion in the public sphere, religious literacy and inter-faith dialogue, and practical responses to violations of Freedom of Religion or Belief, worldwide.