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Vatican, Sanders: Can religion make economic growth more fair?

10 Apr, 2016
Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Income inequality has become a hot topic, and for good reason, argue voices as diverse as Pope Francis, the World Economic Forum, and candidate for the Democratic nomination for U.S. President Bernie Sanders, who’ll be at the Vatican this week.

To help inform the discussion, see links below to a variety of resources from the Global Agenda Council on the Role of Faith, including how various religious programs – including market-oriented enterprise initiatives – are working to make economic growth more fair; how religious and economic freedoms are linked; and how religious freedom empowers women. You can also read the full text of my recent Vatican talk … but a warning – it includes a poem. 🙂

Also, nominations for the Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards are open this month. Awards will be given in Rio at the start of the Summer Paralympics.

Brian Grim, RFBF President


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