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Religious Freedom = Concern For The Good Of Others

22 May, 2015

Greetings from London …


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As people of goodwill take different positions on religious freedom, it is essential to focus on a central value of religious freedom: freeing people of faith to do good. 

Contrary to one way of viewing religious freedom, it does not mean freedom for extremists to conduct violence and corrupt peaceful spirituality. Quite the opposite. Research clearly shows that religious freedom leads to reduced violence and increased peace.

Religious freedom does mean being concerned for the good of others. Indeed, to care for – even love – one’s neighbor is really radical. But this is the opposite of extremism. Radical caring has the power to combat radical hate, especially when it’s a planned proactive strategy rather than a reactive remedial one.

I invite you to explore – on our newly launched website – how the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation is putting to practice this vision of religious freedom, including with a pilot Empowerment+ project in London, where I am this week.

Brian Grim
RFBF President