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Wu Nianbo

About Good-ark: Suzhou Good-Ark Electronics Co. Ltd. was established in November 1990, listed as one of the top 10 best-known semiconductor enterprises in China’s electronics industry. Wu Nianbo, Chairman, states, “Our corporation values lie in the happiness of our employees and appreciation from our customers! As one of most important driving forces in developing modern society, corporations have become the backbone of the communities they belong to. To build a happy and harmonious society, it is a worthwhile attempt for us to build a happy business. We strive to fully undertake our social responsibility, building a green and sustainable business, leading as an example of a happy business, and ultimately achieving the shared vision of ‘home’.” All staff at Good-Ark pay respect to the great sage and teacher, Confucius.

Nomination in Brief

Wu Nianbo, Founder and Chairman of Suzhou Good-Ark Electronics, makes employee happiness the company’s mission and believes good companies should treat employees as family members. Since implementing this, Good-Ark’s market value and production levels have significantly increased, and employee retention is four times better than the national average, contributing to a harmonious and peaceful society.

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Mr. WU Nianbo is Chairman at Suzhou Good-Ark Electronics Co., Ltd., Chairman at Suzhou Crystal Information Technology Co. Ltd., Chairman at Suzhou Isilver Materials, Inc. and Chairman at Suzhou Mira Mems Technology Co., Ltd. He is on the Board of Directors at Suzhou Guofa Fund Investment Co. Ltd. and Suzhou Silikron Semiconductor Corp. Mr. Wu was previously employed as Chief Executive Officer by Miradia, Inc.

More Detail

In a modern world of excessive materialism, can the benevolent spirit of humanity’s traditional culture bring about positive corporate development? In China, the Suzhou Good-Ark Electronics Co. Ltd, is a publically-listed manufacturer of semiconductors that has initiated the use of traditional Chinese family culture to build a successful business model. They identified eight components of a happy enterprise. Good-Ark prioritises the happiness of its employees as their number one goal. The company motto states that “the value of enterprise is measured by staff happiness and customer satisfaction.” The ‘Happy Enterprise’ of Good-Ark has a foundation of humanitarian care and uses trust building as the key to success. As a role model, Chairman Wu Nianbo inspired the managers to become the leaders, parents and teachers of their staff, and subsequently influenced the staff to be diligent and fulfill their responsibilities at work and life in general. The managers truly treated the staff as their own family members and the staff treated their managers as their “family elders”. Good Ark Electronics gives employees ethical and moral education centred on loving and honouring parents. They trust and care for their employees like members of a family, enabling employees to feel fully secure and happy. The company also aspires to be a happy enterprise that undertakes responsibilities for social and public welfare, promote eco-friendly and sustainable development, and realise the dream of a happy corporate family culture. For thousands of years, China’s traditional big family culture maintained the stability and harmony of the entire society. Companies that practise The Guidelines for Being a Good Person and family-oriented culture like Beijing Huitong Huili and Suzhou Good-Ark, have accomplished time-honoured feats for the country. Not only do they provide stability and benefit to a region, but they also help the whole world see the true benefits of traditional Chinese culture. If every entrepreneur, leader, and school principal could improve themselves by the standards of the sages, they would be a role model for others and inspire their staff, the general public, teachers and students, the society would thereby become harmonious and happy. Suzhou Good-ark Electronics has successfully implemented China’s traditional family culture in the workplace over the past four years. In May 2014, Chairman Wu Nianbo was invited to present at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France. He said, “The teachings of the sages have brought success to the happy enterprise.”

According to Mr. Wu, Good-ark’s core corporate value lies in the happiness of our employees and the appreciation from our customers! As one of the most important driving forces in a developing society, corporations have become the backbone of the communities to which they belong…We strive to fully undertake our social responsibility, building a green and sustainable business, leading as an example of a Happy Enterprise, and ultimately achieving the shared vision of ‘home’.” Indeed, home is where our story begins. n the traditional Chinese beliefs of “family” and the “family code of conduct”, “family” is a social unit, through which one can find life-long security and support. In Confucianism, character building embodies cultivating oneself, managing the family, governing the state and bringing peace to the world. Family is an important social institution that can unite hundreds of family members to live harmoniously, respectfully and caring for each other. They may have different family codes of conduct but in substance the rules are set up based on the Five Moral Relations, the Five Constant Values, and the Eight Virtues. A child learns these values by seeing the good examples exemplified by the parents, and grow up to become a confident person who knows how to balance one’s material needs with spiritual imperatives.

Nominated by:

  • Meng Liu
  • Head, Asia and Oceania Networks
  • United Nations Global Compact

Good-Ark Report: From the Teachings of Sages to the Making of a Happy Enterprise The “Family Culture” of Suzhou Good-Ark Electronics Co., Ltd