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Building Freedom of Religion or Belief Through Faith-and-Belief Friendly Workplaces: A CALL TO ACTION


 Jim Shannon MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion or Belief

The Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) is a touchstone human right. It enters every aspect of our lives, not only in religious practice. Whether in home life, the workplace, recreation, or any other setting, our belief systems, backgrounds, and identities travel with us. This report is a much-needed step in developing governmental thought on FoRB and business, showcasing the fantastic steps which businesses across the world, including many in the UK, are taking to promote “covenantal pluralism” in their workplaces.

The report is unique in that it provides a very practical toolkit for businesses to promote FoRB, thus improving employee experience and business output. The recommendations, tried and proven by top corporations, will prove valuable in promoting fundamental human rights in organic ways, through the “building method” of FoRB promotion.

When building, we seek to promote openness and acceptance of various religious and belief backgrounds, including those of no belief. In so doing, we feel free to express ourselves in a more authentic way, allowing for greater trust and cooperation among colleagues.

As a parliamentarian, I look forward to the combination of “building” and “advocacy” strategies playing out in the business world and in parliament. There is much we can learn in government from such positive methods. I look forward to applying the recommendations in my own work as an MP, with the hope that our diversity and celebration of FoRB will blossom, laying the foundation for FoRB policy innovations that may benefit millions.

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